Air feeder with vacuum transport conveyor

For industrial feeders, I think there are two kinds, one is friction feeder and the other is air feeder. Today let’s talk about air feeder, which we did the development for three years and now it has been a mature product.

Air feeder makes up the vacancy of friction feeder. Friction feeder and air feeder can cover almost all the products. Our air feeder structure is similar as friction feeder and it is made up of three parts. Feeding part, conveyor transport and collection part. For feeding part, it adopts suction cup to catch the product one by one, inside the feeding part, there is one static electricity removing device, which made the air feeder is suit for PE bags with static electricity. Unique feeding method doesn’t do any damage to the product, while the friction feeder is easy to do scratch on the product surface. Conveyor transport is with vacuum pump, but its control is separate and users can choose to open the vacuum or close the vacuum according to the usage. For the collection part, people can choose collection tray or automatic collection conveyor according to the product feature.

For air feeder, we have three types, BY-VF300S, BY-VF400S and BY-VF500S. each is corresponding to the product max size 300MM, 400mm and 500MM. because of feeder’s stability, it can be integrated with UV inkjet printer, TTO printer etc.

Companies using this technology is not only a dividend of the improved productivity of production processes. Air feeder conveyors can guarantee greater accuracy, consistency, and reliability, which reduces the need for manual intervention and physical labour. Improved quality and superior production automation reduce the risk of detrimental defects, thus saving even more on rectifying such issues.

Among the many benefits of this technology, the new system addresses unique challenges that industrial operations around the world currently face. Unlike other material handling systems which cannot be transferred to other product lines, the implementation of this solution provides versatility in automation. Its modular design concept, coupled with innovative software that meets unique process requirements, ensures that each manufacturing process can be carefully optimized and used to meet specific needs.

In summary, the air feeder with a vacuum transport conveyor system is groundbreaking and offers an extraordinary opportunity for companies looking to improve their manufacturing capabilities. Such industries that stand to benefit are those that require the handling of small to large items, such as aeronautics, automotive, electronics, and the pharmaceuticals sector. The rise of these automated systems continues to advance various sectors forward and set new innovation standards.

Post time: May-18-2023