Customized friction feeder with auto-rectify

We get different samples from different customers every day. And the production requirement is various from different customers. Here I would like to share one customized friction feeder without conveyor but it is with auto-rectify as the picture below:


This feeding head BY-HF02 is upgraded based on BY-TF02. Compared with the old feeder BY-TF02 series feeder, BY-HF02 has a great improvement that to make the feeder easy on the product size adjustment as well as the auto-rectify width adjustment. before for different size product, the operator is required to go down and inside the electrical cabinet for the friction belt adjustment wider or narrower, but now it is very easy for the adjustment and there is one handle at the feeding head, the operator can do the adjustment freely by this handle. Except that, it is our auto-rectify, which is to make sure the printing accuracy. There are three types ball for the auto-rectify. One is glass ball, the second is steel ball, the third is plastic ball, we will choose the right ball according to the user’s product feature. Take carton box for example, it is thick and hard, so we need steel ball for the auto-rectify. Here I would like to emphasize auto-rectify function, people not using this function may don’t know why it is so popular.

Except the above mentioned feeding head with auto-rectify, we also accept to order only the feeding head or feeding head with double detection function or feeding head with counting function etc. it is for our friction feeder, and this customized making is also suit for air feeder.

Both friction feeding head and air feeding head are available to integrated with your packaging machine or existing conveyor. Welcome to your inquiry! Wechat/whatsapp: +8613435663216 and email: 

Post time: Nov-16-2023