Inkjet printer effected the feeder selection?

At present, there are three types of inkjet printer. The first one is CIJ inkjet printer. the feature is that there are some solvent inside the ink, little lattice make up the font and it is generally used in normal printing such as date, batch No. the printed information is simple but useful. Except that the speed is fast and the printing head can keep a distance to the printed product. If the product feeding is without problem, we can choose normal feeder then fine. The second one is TIJ inkjet printer, the design is exquisite, small cartridge design, convenient and practical. The printing head is close to the printed product and the printing effect is beautiful, which is solid printing. People can use it to print barcode, QR code and images. If the product has no problem, we can choose normal feeder as well. The third one is UV inkjet printer, which has been a mature technology recently after development of past few years. It is a widely used printing technology. UV ink is environmental, the printing effect is beautiful. What you see is what you can get from the UV inkjet printing. Speed is fast, good scratch resistance, the printing head is very close to the printed product.  Generally we use Plasma to do surface pre-process on the printed product, after UV inkjet printing, do the UV drier immediately. Because of these technology features, it requires the feeding platform’s running very stable, uniform speed, positioning accurate, the transport conveyor fire resistant to make sure the printing effect. So for UV inkjet printer’s feeder, its cost is much higher than the other two inkjet printers’ feeder. My friends, from our shares, do you know what is the right feeder which is suit for you?

Post time: Dec-13-2022