Knowledge of feeder

What is the function of feeder

Feeder is to feed the stacked product such as Paper, label, folded carton box, cards, packaging bags etc. to feed one by one at some speed and beat then transport to the conveyor belt or other required position. Simply speaking, it is one supplying equipment for single piece product at a beat. It can work separately offline, also can work together with other equipment online to finish automatic production line. Stand-alone application is for single product’s feeding & inkjet printing, labeling, OCR inspection etc. which are the most popular application. Working together with other equipment online, which is to finish feeding automatically.

Feeder structure and function configuration 

We shared the feeder function above. Now let’s talk about feeder’s structure and function configuration. Generally speaking, feeder’s function and structure includes product feeding, transport conveyor for inkjet printer and collection. all these three structure are the must. Except these basic function, we will add some optional function to enrich users’ application, such as double detection function, vacuum function, static electricity movement, OCR inspection system, auto rectify, auto rejection, UV drier, counting function with collection then bundle up etc. users can choose the optional functions according to product feature and production requirement. There are so many functions to choose, but it doesn’t mean the more functions, the better. The best one is the one which is well suit for your production.  

I will share more feeder knowledge to you in the near future and hoping it is helpful for you to choose a right feeder.

Post time: Nov-18-2022