Russia customer’s visit

On Nov. 6th, one team from Russia visited our company Guangzhou Baiyi Identification Technology Co., Ltd. here I would like to introduce their whole process for visit to us. Before they visited us, they have visited several same industry companies.

We had a talk in the office and they took their brochure to us and gave us a introduction for what they do in Russia and how about their product meanwhile introduced their cooperators to us. They also read our catalogue, we did the introduction to them about our development, and the history of my boss for feeder research & development. From the patent all around the wall, they trust we are professional.  

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They are surprised after arriving at our factory. The head of this team took the video for what he saw in our factory. And our technicians run our feeders with different configuration in front of them. They praised repeatedly. Sometimes, they will stop in front of our machined parts, they are convinced by our parts exquisite.

After that, we are back to office again and continue the cooperation discussion. The customer is a qualified cooperator, they have 140 peoples working in the company and after sales technician 40peoples. And in this year, they built a big warehouse, which is for imported cargoes’ storage. They raised to be our exclusive agency in Russia. After multiple consideration, my boss agreed to have a trial cooperation for half a year or one year. And it can be consider as mutual investigate. 

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Post time: Nov-06-2023