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Product name: standard feeder   Model: BY-SF04-300   Feature: lightweight design, convenient on shipment, high in applicable ability, easy on operation, cost effective. Suit for paper, label, paper box, normal plastic bags etc. It can be integrated with TIJ printer, CIJ printer etc, or labeling system, laser printer, which realizes printing kinds of text, image etc. off-line.

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Series of Standard feeder adopts friction principle to realize feeding & delivery including three parts on structure: feeding、transport、auto collection. It adopts stainless steel material and integrated light-weight style design, equipped with loadable floor-stand framework, convenient for packing, useful to save shipping cost. Unique feeding design structure make its adoptive capacity strong, adjustment convenient, operation easy. There are several optional function, which can satisfy the customer well, cost-effective. Widely suitable product: paper, label, paper box, normal plastic bags etc. users can choose to use this feeder together with CIJ printer, TIJ printer, labeling system, laser printing to print kinds of TEXT, pattern etc.

Furthermore, because of adopting friction down-feeding mode, people can add product without machine stop.

It also can be equipped with vacuum suction function, which makes the product running close to the belt, non-slip, non-shift,the surface is flat, which is good for following printing or other technology. It is equipped with auto-collection function with tower design, which make the cargoes stack one by one and collect in order.

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standard feeder

Equipment Parameter

1. KN95/KF94 face mask feeding & printing

1. dimension: L * W * H = 1700 * 640 * 800mm

2. weight: 65KG

3. voltage: 220VAC  50-60HZ

4. Power: about 500W

5. Speed: 0-300pcs/min (consider the product is 100MM)

6. Belt speed: 0-60m/min (adjustable)

7. available product size: (60-300) * (60-280) * 0.1-3mm

8. speed control method: frequency conversion or brushless DC speed regulation

9. motor: Frequency conversion or Brushless DC motor

10. available product: kinds of paper, plastic bag, cards, label etc.

11. machine body material: stainless steel

12. installation form: independent installation , floor-stand

13. optional function: vacuum suction, auto-collection

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